Trinny and Susannah: \’We don\’t look at women as pieces of meat\’

Ah, so you\’re not male then.

8 thoughts on “Trinny and Susannah: \’We don\’t look at women as pieces of meat\’”

  1. You’d need a big freezer for Susannah. No way you’re eating that much before it goes off otherwise.

  2. Gordon Ramsey, who has a smallholding, nurtured two piglets from infancy. When the time came for them to become pieces of meat, he personally escorted them to the slaughterhouse and supervised their despatch. All of this was recorded for a TV documentary. The final shot in the programme was a picture of two pork carcasses hanging in the cold store, one labelled “Trinny”, the other “Susannah”…..

  3. I can’t quite work out whether this post is supposed to be a joke or not, but I for one would be rather saddened by the idea that men typically see women as predominantly “pieces of meat”. It’s a thought that cheapens all of us. If women can appropriately be described as “pieces of meat”, why not apply the same approach to others? Jews, perhaps? Gypsies? Blacks? This is the kind of thinking that gets neoliberals a bad name.

    Tim adds: Yes, a joke. But like all such, with a grain of truth. “Predominantly” would be too strong. But there is a general underestimation by women about quite how visually sexual men are. The “I wonder what she’s really like under those clothes” is always there. No more reprehensible than a baboon checking for red bums. It just is.

  4. I don’t know why it is, but I can’t help looking at Trinny and Susannah and thinking “scrag end of mutton”. Shocking behaviour, I know, but there you go.

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