Well, if they are impartial that is

However keen Mr Maude may be to import political sympathisers into key Whitehall posts, the current exodus of impartial mandarins

There is always a certain suspicion that they are not impartial.

Too keen on the civil service view: that the civil service must by necessity run everything. Entirely typical of any bureaucracy, \”let people get on with it themselves\” is not something that is often uttered by those employed to get on with things for people.

3 thoughts on “Well, if they are impartial that is”

  1. Eddy, it’s probably worth distinguishing the general defect identified by Tim from the particular defect identified by you. The combination, of course, is as bad as, oh, arson in Her Majesty’s dockyards.

  2. Nothing to do with any political party. It’s the well known “iron law of bureaucracy” (c) Jerry

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