Well this tells me then!

Paul Kingsnorth ?@paulkingsnorth

@worstall You are a very silly man who is unable to engage in elementary debate beyond sixth form level. Which explains your media profile.

Blimey, do I have a media profile? Where can I look that up?

And what a crushing put down, don\’t you think?

Of course, if Mr. Kingsnorth would care to lay out his worldview in nice bite sized pieces so that us sixth formers might be capable of considering them then we\’d try to have that debate, wouldn\’t we?

The comments section is open to you Paul, as it always is.

13 thoughts on “Well this tells me then!”

  1. Based on a process of backwards deduction from empirical evidence, I thought that being a very silly person unable to engage in elementary debate beyond sixth form level was a minimum requirement for a high media profile.

    Though I think Mr Kingsnorth might have meant to write “six year old level”.

  2. 4/ @Chris

    I think his normal tipple is something significantly stronger than Water, Chris – Words fail me!

  3. Referring to the source article – I’m sure his message of a ‘simpler back to nature’ will really resonate in the UK, let alone China and India. I can see why Arnald’s such a big fan….

  4. Seems like an odd chap.

    He claims to be “instinctively suspicious of the state”, which sounds like a good thing (except, as you’ve said before, people tend to lose their suspicions when the State is doing something they like).

    Apparently he earns his living from writing, and by travelling the country to speak at festivals. It would be interesting to see how he plans to do any of that without mechanisation.

    His writing income would be somewhat limited if his books and articles had to be copied out by hand, and he wouldn’t make much from public speaking if he could only reach those who were a day’s journey by mule.

    And he teaches use of the Austrian scythe in Cumbria. Sounds almost like globalisation to me.

  5. It’s what you use when your combine harvester broke down and your serf budget for the quarter is all used up.

  6. Sounds like jealousy to me.

    “Waaa. I want a media profile but no-one reads my stuff enough! And even some guy I strongly disagree with has one! No fair!”

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