Why Carlos Santana is a gentleman, a mensch

Even if he does have some fairly kookie beliefs.

Here he is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Up on stage with him is Peter Green. Never been in his band at all. But he did write the song that made the breakthrough for Santana.

Then went nuts, took a few decades out and all.

When the band Peter Green founded, Fleetwood Mac, were inducted, he wasn\’t asked or invited. Certainly didn\’t appear.

Oh well, some people have it and some don\’t I suppose.

And I\’ll forgive people all sorts of strange religious and spiritual beliefs if they\’ve got that much more important it.

3 thoughts on “Why Carlos Santana is a gentleman, a mensch”

  1. It is probably appropriate that Peter was not invited to see the induction of Fleetwod Mac. The Buckingham-Nicks-plus-Mick-and-John-McVie
    (don’t forget Christine) version was what, the fourth? third incarnation? Each incarnation was a different band, but it’s likely Mick Fleetwood had all the paperwork done, or was able to leverege the name. By then it was surely a franchise, apparently driven by mass consumption of … a particular white powder.

    You can’t get too sentimental about the bands formed from the detritus of John Mayall firing everybody once a year whether they needed it or not.

    Anyway, as a musician, I got more out of Lindsey than I ever got out of Peter, who founded a thousand sad power trios whose lead players got too old. We like the metaphor of the guitar-as-sword, with the champion slaying those dragons but really ( and I say this as somebody who bends that way ) it’s a place where burnout holds all the cards.

    besides, they gave David Gilmour tanks, artillery and air support. His was total war. It was never a fair fight.

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