Yes! You *can* fund @worstall at Kickstarter

Aren\’t you lucky, lucky people?

7 thoughts on “Yes! You *can* fund @worstall at Kickstarter”

  1. “At least make it into a proper link!”

    Highlight, right click, open… well, in Firefox anyways.

    Re: the beard. I like it. Thought you’d grown it so you can go undercover up in Norseland. You might want to learn the lingo too, mind:

    Oh, and I’ll put my $25 in later tonight when I get back in.

  2. I must admit I am rather tempted to set up a Kickstarter account in the name of “My Hero, Polly Toynbee” and donate $500 just to see Tim’s book dedicated to that woman.

    Just kidding, I had to opt for the cheapskate’s $10 option 🙁

  3. Interesting idea. I wasn’t aware Sweden has more foreign-born people than the USA. How does the UK compare?

    It’ll be interesting to see if Kickstarter becomes a viable way to fund this type of book. I hope it does.

    One suggestion I have for you Tim is that you include a lot of quantitative analysis & include this in a spreadsheet as well as the e-book.

    You might also want to compare how the Notrdic countries differ from each other as well as how they are similar. I say this because one often hears arguments of the form “it might work in Sweden, but it won’t work here, because Britain is a different society”. Well, obviously every society is different, but if something works in all the Nordic countries, then it can’t just be because of some peculiarity of Sweden.

  4. You look much better in the video than in the photo – younger, tougher and less donnish. I have donated. Hope it gets funded.

  5. Totally surprised that you support the Scandinavian economic systems :o… Would be interested in how you would evaluate the “German model” (if there is any), especially compared to the UK and northern countries.

    Also you might want to line out the differences between Norway and the EU states of Scandinavia.

    Tim adds: It’s not so much that I do support the Scandie systems. It’s rather that for those that do I want to point out that it’s a little more complex than tax the rich and spend it all. For example, by many measures, Denmark is the freest economy in the world…..

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