Yes! You Can Still Support @Worstall\’s Kickstarter! Woo Hoo, Eh?

There\’s still another two weeks to go in which you can support this blog\’s Kickstarter project.

You lucky, lucky, people, eh?

I\’m told by the organisers that by this stage it really comes down to how much spamming youse guys are prepared to do on Twitter, Facebook and the rest. It\’s all network effects from here on in.

More on this subject here. And the project itself here.

1 thought on “Yes! You Can Still Support @Worstall\’s Kickstarter! Woo Hoo, Eh?”

  1. “youse”–this is common here in NZ, but where does it come from, geographically and semantically? I’ve heard it suggested that it is intended (felt as) a plural, “you” being thought of as singular. For that matter, the “plural as polite singular” phenomenon, despite occurring in so many languages, has always seemed a bit odd to me.

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