An oddity at CiF

I find that I can no longer leave a comment at Comment is Free.

Anyone else having the same problem? Been going for a couple of days now.

I assume it\’s a software glitch somewhere but if I have been banned I\’d love to know.

10 thoughts on “An oddity at CiF”

  1. Considering that CiF banned their award winning commenter ‘MoveAnyMountain’, the cynic in me says that they have sent you to Coventry for some imagined slight.

  2. On an article about Red vs Grey Squirrels, I linked to the highly appropriate Stackridge song ‘Red squirrel’ and got deleted.

    I suppose they thought I was the band’s manager plugging them and all I am is a local fan (although I no longer live in the West Country)

    Anyway, you more open minded lot can give it a go. Scroll down to the video and watch live.

  3. “Considering that CiF banned their award winning commenter ‘MoveAnyMountain’…”

    Ah, bugger. That would explain why he/she has been absent for so long, and missed. The Guardianistas’ heated debates with MAM could be much more entertaining and informative than the above-the-line content, which often looked quite shabby by comparison.

    Funny how The Compassionate And Righteous™ really don’t like it up ‘em.

  4. There is — or at least, there was — a pretty clear notice about withdrawal of posting privileges if you’ve been banned. (I have, twice.)

  5. @Simon Jester, I followed your link to a truely craven piece by Andrew Brown argueing for a ban on free speech when it offends Islamists. I was truely heartened by the well deserved and virtually unanamous kicking he gets BTL. There is hope for CIF yet!!

  6. I’m being premoderated.

    Which seems to mean deleting 90% of my posts, including things like “What do you mean by that?” and posting the remaining 10% well after their use-by date.

    None that mention She Who Lives in Tuscany _ever_ get through.

  7. I have been banned from CIF and I have no idea why. I was just banned, not put on pre-mod, just had my commenting rights withdrawn.

    I had been on pre mod twice before but not on this ocassion and I have been commenting for a few years now. I am furious. It seems to me that comment is free only if you toe the liberal line.

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