Anyone running iOS 6 yet?

If so, can you have a look at the clock? This one that\’s supposedly based on hte SBB watch?

The real trick is to look at the second hand. In the SBB watch it moves smoothly (not ticking) until 0.59. At which point it stops and then ticks over to 1.00. Then moves smoothly on to 1.59. Ticks, etc.

Can someone have a look and tell me?

7 thoughts on “Anyone running iOS 6 yet?”

  1. The iPad clock is clearly derived from the SBB clock but is not identical. For example, the SBB clock has a slightly tapered minute hand while the iPad one seems to have parallel sides. The second hand sweeps all the way round.

  2. O/T, I know.
    I just love the warped photos on iOS6 mapping. The Clifton suspension Bridge any one? At least the shadow is equally warped, how does that happen?

  3. Nick: I don’t see why iphone users need accurate maps. Don’t they just follow along behind everyone else anyway?

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