Argle gargle!

In the United States, Republican voters shown how wealth is spread in the
US and in Sweden, but not told which set of figures described which country,
thought the Swedish distribution better. US voters overall chose as ideal
a wealth distribution that was more equal than Sweden’s. (In Sweden, the
top 20% of earners get four times the lowest earning 20%; in the US the
difference is eight times.)

Don\’t you think that people attempting to entirely reorganise the economy should know the difference between wealth and income?

5 thoughts on “Argle gargle!”

  1. I think there’s something significantly wrong on basically every page. For example, on page 6, our latest zombie fact is rambling around: “In the last thirty years the share of the national income going to wages and salaries fell, while the proportion going to profits rose.”

  2. Look at who the forewrod is input by for Chrissake! – Our Old friend @OwenJones84 (Whom oddly Tim you don’t seem to chastise here – presumably he is too idiotic for consideration or you don’t read the Independent) I’d be very surprised if these people knew the difference between night and day. They certainly cannot tell the difference between Investment and Expenditure, so wealth and income would be far too complex for them to consider!

  3. Have to Agree with Anthony Masters (#1) – Check out Page 9 – ‘Social problems in…Singapore, are much worse than Sweden….’ Nearly fell off my chair when I read that!

  4. The ‘zombie fact’ I noted was actually in Tim’s previous blogpost, so that was my mistake. There are so many others, such as this one from Mr Jones’s introduction: “four years before Lehman Brothers came crashing down, the real income of the bottom half began to flat-line; for the bottom third, it actually declined.”
    The median wage not increasing does not imply that the income of the bottom of earners are flat-lining. This is because people are transient between the different income brackets over time.

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