Astonishing and shocking revelation from Neal Lawson

I\’ve changed my mind.

He has a mind to change?

Who knew?

4 thoughts on “Astonishing and shocking revelation from Neal Lawson”

  1. “He has a mind to change?”

    “Well, the comments are full of the usual “murder the rich” dross.”

    So, no. No mind to change.

    As you were.

  2. Yes, he has a mind – one that would revolt any decent working man. Otherwise he would not be able to twist morality in the typical Grauniad fashion.
    “He’ll neither work nor want” was spoken in a tone of contempt up north, but is now viewed as praiseworthy by the Grauniad, while the guy who struggled to get another job after being made redundant was admired.
    No, many of my old pals who saved with the Halifax would stand and watch Cummings being tarrred-and-feathered, just as the minority who chose Northern Rock would feel the same about Applegarth. The two of them, to feed their egocentricity, threw tens of millions of pounds of workers’ savings down the drain – something like a year’s state pension for the typical saver in each case. That may be petty cash to Polly Toynbee and friends but it really matters to someone living on the state pension and their savings.
    When the partners in stockbroking firms were personally liable for the debts and faults of their firms you could count the scandals on your fingers, now you only notice the ones that run into the tens of £millions. Neal Lawson and the Grauniad advocates abandonment of personal responsibility (while putting in a sentence claiming that he does not and promptly qualifying that into nothingness).
    Yes, this a rant but justified by the contempt for the average worker shown by Lawson’s column

  3. It’s the best article I’ve seen from Lawson, but that’s rather akin to saying whilst suffering from diarrhoea ‘I’ve had a solid dump today’ – It’s still shit when all’s said and done…

    The issue comes in the last paragraphs when he looks for solutions to the problem he identifies – he hasn’t got any! The ‘Middle Way’ he would appear to be advocating is nebulous and will inevitably fall into the hands of the likes of Ed Miliband, his Chief Economic Advisor, Richard J Murphy, and his new Senior Media Aide, Owen Jones – the results of their ‘Middle Way’ are likely to be perpetual economic sclerosis and the need to reimpose exchange controls as those people that can get out, will.

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