Explaining this modern world thing

Repeated studies have show that – to quote one of them – \”most men find most women at least somewhat sexually attractive, whereas most women do not find most men sexually attractive at all\”.

Ho hum.

5 thoughts on “Explaining this modern world thing”

  1. This quote is missing the other combo: most men don’t find other men attractive.

    Perhaps what’s really going on here is that women are sexually attractive to … just about everybody.

  2. Tim – you are not playing fair. I clicked on the Guardian link before I found out who the author was. You might have given us a Burchill-alert.

  3. This is the key part that was missing when Stephen Fry put his foot in it. Men don’t have a higher sex drive than women, they’re just less picky – about who, when, what environment, all kinds of things. That’s why gay men can spend their days and nights in a pleasant haze of hedonistic satisfaction that straight men can only dream of.

  4. I wonder how the following plays if a man leaves his wife for a younger girl?

    “How times have changed! When I left my husband for a girl 17 years ago, the rotter divorced me for “unreasonable behaviour”. As I pointed out at the time to my lawyer – the girl in question being a ravishing 25-year-old heiress – “Look at her! It would have been unreasonable not to do it.””

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