How odd

Also, it occurred to me that going to Germany and not doing much other than eating sausages and drinking beer was a bit one-dimensional, lacking imagination as it were.

Is there anything else to do in Germany?

14 thoughts on “How odd”

  1. You could start a photographic record of all those solar panel arrays which will shortly be falling into ruin and then be dismantled. You could call it, “Now the Sun’s Gone Cold”.

  2. One of my favourite dishes was strammer max which you should be able to get in that part of Germany.

    Also, take the train to Celle, a lovely town with loads of history. It’s only about an hour from where you are . The schloss and old SS kaserne are worth seeing now most of the Brits have left.

  3. Tim

    it all depends on how much of a pleb you are. We know that you have no cultural interests, so why bother to ask the question? You are a pleb. Drink your beer; eat your sausages; visit the gay torture bar and be happy.

  4. When the immigration staff enquire of you, “Occupation?” you can reply, “No; just visiting…”


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