I do the unpardonable sin of committing some journalism

On that GM corn and cancer in lab rats thing.

If all lab rats in the US have been fed on GM containing lab chow for a decade now don\’t you think someone would have noticed already?

4 thoughts on “I do the unpardonable sin of committing some journalism”

  1. What a loaded, hypothetical question!
    Where’s your proof that all lab rats have been fed GMOs?

    If it was true, Monsanto and other biotechs have repeatedly destroyed the negative results of their research and attemped to curb the research of independent scientists.

    Monsanto tried to block Austrian government research linking GMOs & Infertility

    Syngenta corporation faces criminal charges for covering up livestock deaths from GM corn

    Not to mention that the ag-biotech industry uses its patent power to maintain tight control over who researches what—and dominates the research agenda at America’s main ag-research universities.

  2. “Its about as smart… ”

    No it isn’t. it’s a good piece of research that compares a large sample (US lab rats) with a small one (the animals in the research behind this paper).

    The other comment is whataboutery. This paper is bollocks.

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