In which I ask a very silly question

Princes Harry and Willy have police protection teams.

Both Harry and Willy do military stuff. One of them currently in a war zone, the other search and rescue, isn\’t it?

So, err, where do said police teams drop them off and pick them back up again?

I assume that they\’re not there in the back of that Wessex or whatever it is Will\’s flying. And I know they\’re not in an Apache. But are they at Bastion? Kabul (if they even cycle through there which I don\’t think they do)?

I sorta assume that they accompany Will up to the base perimeter and wish him a decent day at the office. Or Harry, shake hands at the gates of Brize Norton and promise to send care packages.

I just can\’t shake this image though, of Plod\’s finest, in centurion helmets, riding shotgun in an attack helicopter.

8 thoughts on “In which I ask a very silly question”

  1. Pretty sure I heard that the Military Police “guard” Harry whilst in Afghanistan. Probably with the odd SAS guy keeping an avuncular eye out.

    I assume William’s normal Protection Squad just hang about at his base on Angelsey when he is flying.

  2. Harry’s platoon are elite soldiers: it is unlikely that Plod would have drawn, let alone taken aim, before they had taken out the would-be assassin

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