Interesting if true….

….was filling the broadcasting void by standing outside on the roof interviewing the heroic former England captain Ted Dexter, who was holding an umbrella as the elements crashed above.

“Ted,” said Peter, “what do you think of the game so far?”

“You’ll have to excuse me for a moment, Peter,” came the reply, “but I think I’ve just been struck by lightning.”

1 thought on “Interesting if true….”

  1. I do recall a numbr of interviews conducted by Peter West in rainstorms. Generally I think he held the umbrella, which meant that Ted Dexter, Tom Graveney et al tended to look a bit cheesed off as the water dripped onto their arms and down their necks. I do recall an interview taking place out on a ledge while a thunderstorm was in progress but, I suspect, that if anyone got struck it would have been Mr West, holding the umbrella.

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