Look, fool,

Davey says, however, that there are huge opportunities for the British economy from investment in low-carbon energy infrastructure projects, including wind and solar energy, carbon capture storage and new nuclear power, all of which make up a large part of projected spending of £118bn in the sector over the next decade. Last year alone £12.7bn was invested in this country by the renewable energy industry, creating 20,000 jobs.

Davey says he fears these opportunities will be lost if the pre-election consensus on climate change and green policies continues to be questioned. \”If there is not seen to be that consensus investors are going to balk. When you hear all that noise on the right of politics that worries investors. They think, \’Well if I am going to put all this money in – it is a 30-year investment – I need to know that if the government changes we are not going to have some rightwing Tea Party tendency taking over.\’ \”

You can spray
money around all you like, government has never been shy of doing that.

But the important thing is \”what are you investing in?\” not \”how much are you investing?\”*

And by definition what you are trying to get people to invest in is a very bad idea indeed. No, not particularly green stuff, some of that\’s just great. No, the definition is that in order to get people to stick the cash in you\’re having to rig the market. You\’re having to insist that investors get to rook consumers.

And that\’s not something that\’s sustainable. Even the proles wake up sometimes. That\’s why it is, by definition, a bad investment. One\’s that depend upon government screwing people always are.

You could, and should, achieve the same goal – the optimal reaction of the British economy to the threat of climate change – simply by instituting a proper, economy wide, carbon tax at $80 per tonne CO2-e.

What entirely beggars belief is that we\’ve got the sodding Liberal party refusing to support something so wonderfully both liberal and correct. Externalities: intervene once, through the price system, then leave well alone. For the market is the only method we actually have of calculating how the market should react.

* Please leave the short term Keynes stuff out of this.

5 thoughts on “Look, fool,”

  1. Investment, investment, investment… Hell, that’s an overused word. Came across someone talking about investing in jobs recently. How do you invest in paying peoples wages, ffs?
    Anyone fancy coming up with a nice tight definition of what ‘investment’ actually is. As far as I can work out, with these green energy schemes, the only investment is in tapping a stream of subsidy money. A stream that can be turned off simply at the whim of a politician. I’m trying to think of a higher risk investment & the only one springs to mind is setting up an alky with a bar to run.

  2. “‘Well if I am going to put all this money in – it is a 30-year investment”

    Good luck with that. Take any 30-year period over the last century, and imagine trying to predict that well enough to justify a single investment with a 30-year lifetime. It was bad enough in the past, but technological progress (which is relevant here) is so fast, and political fads so changeable (the money’s already run out, and just wait until the rolling blackouts start), that you’re not on to a winner with that one, I think.

  3. All these renewable ‘investors’ are all over the farming sector at the moment. Everybody and their dog wants to put a wind turbine, solar panel array, bio-digester or water turbine on your land it seems. Loads have signed up, I’ve been approached for both turbines and solar panels. So far I’ve told them to sod off. Despite all the money being offered I can’t a) bring myself to take the cheque because I know where the money’s come from (poor people paying more for their electric) , b) I don’t want to look at the bloody things, and c) because its a scam, and scams never last. Anything that relies on the State standing by something it said for 30 years stands a good chance of having the rug pulled from under it at some point.

  4. Haven’t you cottoned to the fact that they are not Liberals in the true sense of the word – they are Lib Dims

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