Not for tax reasons, of course

Bernard Arnault, France\’s richest man and chief executive of luxury group LVMH, said he had applied for Belgian nationality, denying the decision was a tax move.

But there is no capital gains tax in Belgium….useful for the future perhaps?

8 thoughts on “Not for tax reasons, of course”

  1. This report must be incorrect. Murphy claims individuals never move/change residency/whatever due to tax rates being increased…..

  2. This is why I’m in favour of Scottish devolution. As soon as Brits can change their tax basis simply by moving house a short distance to a country with the same language, culture, and civic institutions, we can expect to see some real tax competition.

    It’s easy for a Frenchman to move to French-speaking parts of Belgium or Switzerland. It’s harder for a Brit to move to France or Spain. Once we have the option to vote with our feet by moving to or from Scotland, governments will be able to see the results of their policies.

  3. Not sure CGT is a reason to take Belgian citizenship. I could be out of date, but a few years ago you could move to Belgium for a year and sell whatever you wanted to sell that year, and avoid CGT (legally under the law, if not under Murphy).

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