On the culture that is Greece

\”We call on everyone to take part in the strike and resist the austerity measures that hurt Greek people and the economy,\” said unionist Despina Spanou of ADEDY. \”This strike is only the beginning in our fight.\”

The traditional summer break has allowed the conservative-led government of prime minister Antonis Samaras to enjoy relative calm on the streets since taking power in June.

Where the strikers go off on their summer hols.

4 thoughts on “On the culture that is Greece”

  1. I love this about our local protestors too – the Frankfurt airport anti-noise crowd who assemble every Monday in the terminals to blow whistles and stuff.

    Leave aside the fact that people who choose to live next to an airport that was built in 1936 have the option to either put up with it or move to some of the 99% of the country that doesn’t get much aircraft noise, they also took a summer break.

    Presumably to fly off on their hols.

  2. In the last General Strike in Nigeria, they temporarily called off the strikes so everyone could enjoy the weekend and do some shopping. The protests resumed on Monday morning.

  3. The “traditional summer break”?

    Try working through the fucking summer, Hercules, and you might find yourself with an economy worth striking over.

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