On that Monsanto corn kills us all in our beds story


Did you know that California is about to vote on whether GM foods must be labeled?

Pure chance that a paper is released in late September before a November election, eh?

7 thoughts on “On that Monsanto corn kills us all in our beds story”

  1. On the topic of that paper, I wandered over to the cage and snapped this photo of one of our lovely girls, Autumn:


    She’s offered to model as a counter-example for you, prompted by your Forbes post.

    Autumn, as you can see is suffering from a large mammary tumour. Rats get them like people get ingrown toenails, and they’re usually about as fatal. You get the tumour removed, which is a relatively minor operation, and then the rat goes back to normal. In Autumn’s case she grew another one just before she was due to get the first out, which is unfortunately a contra-indication for the surgery. The tumour will eventually kill her, but not in the normal way – when it gets too big for her to lift off the ground, the skin will rub off and ulcerate, and the infection from that will be what ends her life (unless she’s in pain, in which case owner’s responsibility kicks in).

    Autumn has had this tumour for about three months now, she’s probably got another two before it gets too big for her to manage. A rat’s normal lifespan is about two years, she is currently two years and two months old.

    Poor Autumn has been fed by her cruel and heartless owners on GM… no, wait, sorry, certified organic food her whole life. If only she’d had some GM food, she might have resisted this savage illness.

  2. And pure chance that the author of the study also has a book and film due out too (at least it seems to be the case from reading some of The Registers comments in it’s story about it).

  3. William, you don’t have a lot of credibility most places, but what little you have I would not piss away trying to defend the indefensible. It is amazing that such a piece of sh!t passed peer review. Watts is right.

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