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The lesson of Hillsborough is that even after being clubbed in the face with clear proof that the state is not to be trusted, people will still defer to the state and tell me that I\’m the crazy one for wanting to do things differently.

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  1. Alternative quote of the day: “I had absolutely no reason to believe that these authority figures” (a police officer and a local MP) “would lie and deceive” – Kelvin Mackenzie.

    Yeah, right.

  2. From a lefty forum:

    “The cover-up was a continuation of the attack on the lower classes started by Thatcher.”

    I wondered how long it would be before it was her fault.

  3. But these same writers want us to increase the size of the state, do things their way on pain of punishment, be barred from criticising what they do etc., etc. Which way do they want it? Oh, of course, BOTH ways. Provided they are in charge.

  4. At 53 I’m still convinced all coppers are bastards. The police the world over believe that their primary loyalty is to the police force and its members. They will do whatever it takes to protect each other.

    My sister was leant on to withdraw an allegation of child abuse because the father was a senior police officer (she didn’t, she invited the Inspector to come back later when her husband who was with the BBC was home).

    I was assaulted by a copper when I was a student. When I made a complaint another copper magically materialised as a witness. I had an Inspector and Sergeant come round, when they knew I didn’t have a witness of my own they read out a long list of things they were prepared to charge me with including assaulting a police officer, but they’d drop the charges if I dropped my complaint. When I challenged them that it was an obvious stitch up and asked if they were comfortable with the idea of giving an innocent person a criminal record to protect one of their own they did have the decency to look a little embarrassed but suggested to my dad that he should persuade me to accept the ‘deal’ which I did, what choice did I have?

    I’ve hated the bastards ever since and nothing in my experience has made me believe that the barrel is full of anything but rotten apples. The behaviour of the South Yorkshire police is exactly what I’d expect from a self-serving institution that doesn’t give two shits about serving those who pay their salaries.

  5. And the IPCC is a joke, it just protects corrupt and murdering coppers.

    The Metropolitan Police Murder Squad is a job description not a title.

  6. “At 53 I’m still convinced all coppers are bastards. The police the world over believe that their primary loyalty is to the police force and its members. They will do whatever it takes to protect each other.”

    And that’s unlike any large organisation how, exactly?

    The NHS? The civil service? Lawyers? All the same.

  7. JuliaM

    The difference being that as corrupt as such people may or may not be they don’t have the same power to remove your liberty and even your life if they feel like it.
    I had a very minor run in with a police inspector some thirty odd years ago and that alone, trivial as it was, was enough to show me just how rude, arrogant and power crazed most cops are.

  8. Jim

    The NHS may have plenty of opportunities to kill us but apart from the odd loony no one in the NHS deliberately sets out to cause the injury or death of patients. You could say that most coppers don’t either but they are, to put it no more strongly, rather cavalier in their attitude towards the survival and well being of anyone who gives them what they see as trouble, God help us if they ever get to be permanently armed.

  9. Hey! It’s cop-bashing day at timworstall.com.

    Please feel free to form an orderly queue and pile in! No pushing at the back, please.

  10. On the day after we find out about the police having conducted a cover up over Hillsborough , is that really so surprising? Still, at least it is only a metaphorical bashing, rather than a beating or shot to the head.

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