Seen at Dresden station yesterday

The Bayern Bagel.

Looked very good too. Great slab of pork steak with a caramelised onion dressing in a bagel.

It\’s just, you know, you don\’t normally associate bagels with pork.

12 thoughts on “Seen at Dresden station yesterday”

  1. My favourite kind of doner kebab is pork. Of course, due to ridiculous bronze age superstitions I have to make them at home.

  2. It’s no longer there but when I started work in London many years ago there was a cracking shop on Strutton Ground that sold a bacon and fried egg bagel in the mornings. Ace.

  3. Unless of course you’ve been to McDonalds in the last 10 years where they have served the Bacon,Egg and Cheese Bagel for breakfast or at least the American ones have.

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