Skinny Sloane Flaps Baps

Apparently the former Ms. Middleton has been photographed a la francaise.

Not that I ever wanted to join the Victorian Order anyway…..

19 thoughts on “Skinny Sloane Flaps Baps”

  1. @ Stigler
    i) Sunbeds are notoriously a cancer risk
    ii) The photos are reported to be blurry using a telephoto lens so anyone who says they were visible from the road has a Murphy-like (or should I say Berezovsky-like) relationship to the truth. Lord Linley’s father was a top photographer so you can bet that the pool was *not* visible from the road. Most likely photos were taken from a helicopter.

  2. Is it a coincidence that or is only your male followers who have taken the time to locate the images and comment? All in the safe knowledge that no-one,male,female, straight,gay or simply (or complexly if that’s a word) perverted will ever use a long range lense to capture their moobs. (yes, you read this blog, you’re old enough to have, and do have, moobs).

  3. @ Luke
    I am male.I have NOT taken the time to locate the images because it is no more of my business than of yours.
    FYI At 66 I do not have moobs. So, LIAR and if you want to say “step outside and say that” you are welcome to try. Name a decent pub within my commuting range without CCTV or police suirveillance.

  4. haha, mister_choos. My favourite joke on the subject so far – “Kate Middleton? I haven’t seen tits that flat since Hillsborough”.

  5. They’re still waffling* on about Hillsborough!

    *An old joke that just reminded me about the Bradford City chant

  6. [email protected] 11

    Sorry, but I’m not going to look at your moobs unless I’m paid to do so – in advance. Let’s say £60 ph plus danger money. If you’re over 6ftand under 12st, we can have a discussion, otherwise, you have moobs.

  7. Luke: I’m not sure what you’re getting at. A man can have a BMI of 24 or so and not have flabby breasts.

    On the other hand, it’s normal for a woman to have fatty breasts. I’m very slightly distressed that it should attract so much interest that photographic evidence exists that this proposition applies even to the bride of the heir to the throne. But much worse things happen.

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