So this is comic genius these days is it?

Armando Iannucci\’s genius in creating his show was to envisage government as a workplace comedy, driven by jockeying for power and prestige and potplants: essentially, David Brent goes to Westminster.

By all accounts it\’s a very good and very funny show.

But I would hesitate to describe portraying reality as a comic invention of genius.

What in buggery does anyone think politics is if it isn\’t jockeying for power and prestige among the lower grade egos?

5 thoughts on “So this is comic genius these days is it?”

  1. Surely that is comic genius? At least in the field of situation comedy where the whole genre is about finding the humour in plausible depictions of reality. So, Jasper Carrott’s “All About Me” was dreadful comedy because its PC premises and implausible family scenario weren’t funny. While Yes Minister and The Thick Of It are funny because they bring out and accentuate the inherent comedy while being very close to the reality.

    This can sometimes be taken too far – eg Chris Morris of Brass Eye et al got fired from his day job as a proper BBC News journalist because his bosses thought he had made up a fantastical story which happened to be true. So, spotting the humour in what many would see as a deadly serious endeavour is potentially the stuff of genius.

  2. What’s “lower grade” about the egos of politicians? Lower grade compared to mummers, perhaps; but to any other group?

  3. The thick of it is indeed quite good, the first series was better than the coaltion one the other night, but is not in the same class as the outstanding and genuinely groundbreaking (and extremely funny) Yes Minister

  4. I thought it just continued a comic tradition already well established by shows like Yes Minister.

    Which, by the way, is a documentary not a comedy. Take it from somebody who has worked in The Cabinet Office.

  5. Last Saturday’s opener was pretty dire.

    There were a couple of good lines, but the whole thing looked pretty desperate. Glen Cullen just doesn’t fit in, and minus Malcolm Tucker/Jamie McDonald there’s no life left in the series. Tucker was a compelling character because it was clear that people were scared of him, whereas his opposite number Stewart Pearson is just a dick.

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