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That\’s one way to get laid a lot while you\’re a student

Michael Kenny, 18, is the only gentleman in a classroom of 48 women studying on the early years degree course at the Victorian college for childcare which has trained generations of women to care for children in the households of the wealthy.

Not that such extreme measures are really necessary in Bath. Not with both the teacher training college and the trainee nurses…..

13 thoughts on “That\’s one way to get laid a lot while you\’re a student”

  1. And the hen nights down Milsom St on a Friday and Saturday night. Oh dear God, the hen nights. Some friends and I went into an empty Greek meze place a while ago (Opa, Bath fans) and by 10pm we were the only men in a bar heaving with women. Like @serf, as an engineer I’d say we hit the motherlode about twenty years too late.

  2. And the best bit is, after a few years of professional childcare you won’t have to worry about them wanting kids of their own.

  3. If there was any evidence that women were attracted to men doing courses or jobs that were traditionally associated as being of female interest don’t you think there’d be far more blokes doing pilates, going to spas and joing book clubs discussing 50 Shades of Grey ?

    The fact that they don’t either suggests the mating game is hugely inefficient or that women are not attracted to men who encroach on what they see as their turf.

  4. As a student I did a stint as a male nurse and I can tell you that the chances of female nurses going out with male nurses was as close to zero as makes no odds. Being a male nurse is hardly Alpha male behaviour and I would guess that being a male childcare student comes even lower on the scale.

  5. My med student friends used to joke that the nursing students were there to get their MRS degrees.

    My point exactly. Now that the majority of doctors are female who are they going marry?

  6. One anecdote, not really related, but it’s a slow Friday afternoon.

    The chap in charge of all our aviation operations in our company is a Frenchman who used to be a commercial fixed-wing pilot (probably with Air France). He’s pushing 60, maybe a little past that, with a portly gut on him. Nice chap, though. Anyway, he was down by the pool in our residence a few months back with his wife, who was at least 10 years younger than him and, despite her being later 40s, had a pretty good figure and you could see that 20 years ago she would have been the business. Him, not so much.

    What are the odds she was a foxy stewardess who nabbed herself a pilot? That was the discussion around the deckchairs, anyway.

  7. The obvious answer to the issues raised by Serf and TDK is for male engineering students to form liaisons with female medical students. That’s what I did.

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