That\’s, umm, brave

Or chutzpah, or something.

In August, New Democracy MP Byron Polydoras used the single day he served as speaker of a temporary parliament to give his daughter a permanent job in his office.

4 thoughts on “That\’s, umm, brave”

  1. If he knew he only had the job for 1 day, I suppose he thought he may as well make the most of it.

    After all, they couldn’t sack him.

  2. I was going to comment that it was nice that Greeks were still being named after early C19th Romantic British poets who had a thing for Greece, but it appears his name is actually Vyron not Byron.

  3. His name is ????? ?????????. There was a pronunciation shift in Greek from plosives to fricatives about two thousand years ago, so that the letter we know as ‘beta’ now represents a ‘v’ sound, but classical transliterations were still common in George Gordon Byron’s time. So ‘Byron’ has been transliterated to ‘?????’ then back to ‘Vyron’, but it’s the same name.

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