The Rev. Moon

As L Ron Hubbard pointed out, if you want to get truly rich, found a religion.

And everyone, but everyone, gets to the point where they find out whether that was a good idea or not. As Dr. Moon just has.

If there\’s no Pearly Gates, no afterlife of any kind, then the decades of high on the hog and whoring might have been a very good deal from a purely selfish point of view.

If there is a weighing of the soul then eternity is very long time indeed…..

5 thoughts on “The Rev. Moon”

  1. I’m reminded of a story I once read in the Fortean Times about George King, the founder of a UFO cult called the Aetherius Society. It quoted the memoirs of a left-wing activist who remembered King turning up very drunk at an anarchist meeting in London in the early 1950s. He claimed that King immediately fell asleep in his chair, then after a while suddenly woke up and demanded to know what was the quickest way to get rich. The comrades thought this was an interesting topic for debate and eventually concluded that the best option would be to start a religion. A short time later King started claiming that he was in contact with extra-terrestrials who had an important message for humanity.

  2. “If there is a weighing of the soul then eternity is very long time indeed…”

    Now that’s an interesting debate. How long is eternity? Any longer than a normal lifetime?

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