This is why Yglesias gets the big bucks I guess

His story.

My story.

I think you\’ll agree that the extra 19 days Yglesias has had to ruminate upon that story has led to a vastly richer reader experience.

Why, yes, yes, I am feeling particularly dyspeptic this afternoon, why do you ask?

2 thoughts on “This is why Yglesias gets the big bucks I guess”

  1. Yglesias is a twat. An ignorant twat. He has a degree in Philosophy and a work history confined to blogging. You tell me how that translates into expertise in economics (without the aid of cribbed others’ work). On the other hand, he does provide a quick way to judge the quality of Slate in general.

  2. Is he really paid more than you for producing such illiterate tosh?

    “Normall”? “Apple’s doesn’t have a particulalry high P/E …”? “It’s just a company that current earns…”?

    Amazing, it seams your write.

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