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Who or what is the Marcela Trust?

Would be interesting to know.

5 thoughts on “Who or what is the Marcela Trust?”

  1. I’m glad this links to a Portuguese domain because I’ve just got back from there. Have you heard that godawful “Johnny B Goode”/”I Fought the Law” thing they’ve been playing on the radio over there, or are you wisely out of the country?

    Tim adds: Even more wisely, I don’t listen to the radio here.

  2. I came across Octav Botnar, Marcela’s husband, while trying to identify an associate of John Bloom, the dodgy white-goods magnate (who, being an enterprising chap, has now moved into green goods: electric mopeds). It wasn’t him, but Botnar and Bloom did have some things in common. Both were darlings of the financial press until things suddenly went belly up. Botnar was the brains behind Nissan UK, which expanded rapidly then lost its import monopoly and was eventually found to have systematically cheated the taxman for a decade or more. One executive was jailed. Botnar avoided trial by staying in Switzerland. He repaid £60 million and died still owing another £50 million or so. I don’t know whether his estate repaid this.

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