Why Greens should vote Natalie

So he is a a Home Counties graduate College lecturer and that makes him \”working class\” to the Green Party. I wonder what class they think their gardeners are?

8 thoughts on “Why Greens should vote Natalie”

  1. Peter Cranie himself says “I come from a working class background”. Whereas Natalie Bennett attended the Methodist Ladies College in Sydney. If I had a vote, I’d think this unimportant either way.

  2. Why does he want to dismantle the party’s reputation as a “white, middle-class party”? The working class aren’t going to vote for the Greens in meaningful numbers. Fact is, it is a party with a very fixed demographic in terms of its potential support, a specific subset of white, middle class society, apparently to be found in large numbers in Brighton.

  3. The Green Party has for decades been disappointed in its voters and members for failing to be representative of those it says it is fighting for. In this it is like many other, less successful, far-left radical parties.

    Where it differs from those other parties is that a substantial fraction of its voters – those that account for its relative success – are under a misapprehension about what the party stands for.

  4. There was a lady , hideously white and middle class, collecting for Friends of the Earth outside M&S in a posh part of town on Saturday. I made sure I revved the car’s 2L engine especially hard as I pulled away from the curb.

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