Will these scumbag cunts please stop lying to us?

Now it\’s the ignorants over at Class who are peddling the same old fucking nonsense.

This is all part of a long term trend. In the last thirty years the share of the national
income going to wages and salaries fell, while the proportion going to profits

This is not true. You are lying.

The reference is to this earlier TUC paper.

In the last three decades, the proportion of national income going to wage-earners has fallen, while the proportion going to profits has risen.

This is not true. This is lying.

There are four parts to national income. The labour share, profits share, taxes minus subsidies and mixed income.

Within the labour share there are two things: wages and employer paid taxes on employment.

The wages share has been falling as a percentage of the labour share. Because employers\’ national insurance has risen substantially over the decades.

The labour share has been falling as a percentage of GDP, yes. But the profit share has not been rising. It\’s actually smack bang where it was in 1980. The \”mixed income\” share has risen. But this is pretty much irrelevant for the point people are trying to make here. And taxes minus subsidies has risen. This is largely driven by the increase in VAT rates over the decades.

So, wages have fallen as a percentage, the labour share has fallen as a percentage. Is this because the profits share has risen? Given that the profits share hasn\’t risen, no , it\’s not. It\’s because taxes have risen.

So, please, could all you scumbag little cunts please stop lying to the Great British Public?

Thank you, we\’d all be most grateful.

5 thoughts on “Will these scumbag cunts please stop lying to us?”

  1. NO, it is *not* irrelevant that the “mixed income” share has risen. It has risen because the number classified as self-employed has more than doubled so the “labour share” has fallen *because a large chunk of income has been reclassified from “labour” to “mixed income”*
    Typical Murphy to compare two unlike figures and complain that one is smaller than the other. A fair comparison would be 2011’s “labour share” with 93% of 1980’s “labour share”

  2. I know its anecdata but my experience concurs with john77’s comments above. I could name 4 people in my immediate social circle who would have been in PAYE employment in 1980, and now are self employed, and have been since the 1980s. Perhaps its because where I live there used to be a large engineering works that closed in the 80s, and many people, including 3 of the above, got free training when it closed, and went into business for themselves.

  3. Tim, I’ve long admired your blog, but is such language e.g. c*nt, c*cks etc, really needed? It does little for your credibility, and leaves me unwilling or unable to link (unless I use a URL shorterner).

  4. Given that the profits share hasn’t risen, no , it’s not. It’s because taxes have risen

    That may well be true, but you haven’t proved it in this article.

    The share is taxes minus subsidies, so it could equally be that subsidies have fallen.

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