Yet even more glorious Ritchie!

It’s time that this silly opportunity for massive tax avoidance was closed and residence was determined on more fundamental factors, like where the head office is. WPP’s never left the UK.

How about it George? Or am I asking the wrong man?

Yes, you are asking the wrong man you stupid, stupid, boy.

Movement of companies in the EU is determined by EU law, not national or domestic. And pretty sure that it was Fritz Bolkestein who had a lot to do with the current situation.

12 thoughts on “Yet even more glorious Ritchie!”

  1. The overwhelming problem with RM is that he chooses not to be a independent agitator for genuine tax transparency and fairness but regards all tax issues from a left wing political bias.

    Thus there is literally nothing that Osborne can do that is lauded; raising CGT, overturning bank secrecy agreements with Switzerland, forcing non doms to pay stamp duty etc……none of this is ever mentioned.

  2. Good to see Ritchie has as much trouble with EU law as he does with tax law. He’s consistent if nothing else.

  3. Wasn’t it Ritchie who had a go about Jersey not following EU law on something. A non-EU country refusing to follow EU law….

  4. Is there a theoretical amount of partisan tax-based gibberish which RM could spout and thus become inaudible to the sane?

    Where is the event horizon of his stupidity?

  5. The trouble with Ritchie is he always talks about the UK as if it is a closed economy. Perhaps his grasp of economics isn’t strong enough to cope with the complexity of being an open economy, let alone a member of the EU.

  6. Frances: Wish fulfillment. He seems to favour an autarky, so approaches all problems as if it existed already.

  7. @ Rob
    Of course he would – he expects all companies to pay tax on profits in *both* their country of residence *and* in the country where the profit was generated, just as he wants all UK residents and UK-domiciled non-residents to pay UK tax on their worldwide income on top of paying tax in the country in which it arises.

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