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Sex and slave labour trafficking \’on rise\’

The number of people being trafficked into the UK for the sex trade or slave labour is rising, figures show, as immigration minister Mark Harper warns there are \”not enough\” prosecutions.

This particular story about trafficking not being a statistically illiterate one. Not that I can see immediately that is. But the whole furore about sex trafficking was indeed one of the most absurd demonstrations of statistical illiteracy we\’ve seen for a long time. Remember Julie Bindel and her \”80% of tarts in London are foreigners therefore 80% of tarts are trafficked\”?

And as the Royals Statistical Society is pointing out, that was, however absurd, enough to get the law changed.

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  1. But, the Nick Davies article on this, which probably put an end to all of this wasn’t about statistics, it was just at all the data.

    I think the problem isn’t about stats, but that a lot of our “serious proper journalists” are lazy. They take their cues from the narratives created by politicians rather than doing any deeper digging to find the facts. You will never hear an opposition MP protesting about a new law, and hear a journalist asking “this is because of an EU directive. Are you seriously saying that you wouldn’t implement it?”

  2. Trafficking is part of the feminista game plan.

    Prostitutes are a sexual alternative for men who don’t want to risk half their wealth ending up in the hands of a wife/g’friend with a cob on or an attack of boredom. Therefore the femmis are attacking to try and shut the options down.

    Trafficking is being hyped to create the impression that any foriegn prostitute is a hapless victim of gangstas, abuducted, abused, raped and held at gunpoint in conditions of degradation. Any man who would go with such a victim is obviously a monster.

    The other angle they are working is, of course, the paedo side of the street eg labour MP Mann and his law to heap extra-punishment on men who hire prostitutes aged less than 21 (but still over the age of consent). Because liking young-looking (but still adult) women as opposed to raddled old ones means you are very nearly a paedo.

  3. Before the current version of the trafficking laws were brought in, 99% of the time it was the John’s who reported the trafficked girls. Now the law has been changed so that these Johns open themselves up for prosecution if they report trafficking.

    The lefty shibboleth of the intent trumping the outcome is once again clearly demonstraed…

  4. Just a reminder that just as the Paedohysteria is the old Homohysteria from Victorianism I rebranded, “Sex Trafficking” is the rebranded “White Slavery” fraud, likewise masterminded, I mean um mistressminded, by boot-faced suffragettes.

    This is what’s so depressing. In the immortal words of GW Bush; fool me once… shame on… shame on… fool me… you won’t fool me again!

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