Amusing side swipe

Re the Payola Scandal of the early 70s:

The pop singer Dorothy Squires, who had once been married to Sir Roger Moore, was also arrested after her songs began inexplicably to gain airplay on Radio 1. The case against her was subsequently dropped.

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  1. I, too, was involved in the ‘payola’ boondoggle!!
    In 1971 I was flat hunting in London and was sent details of a 1st floor flat in Maida Vale. It had the right accommodation so I went to view it. I was asked not to arrive before 6.30p.m. and on arrival an attractive brunette in abbreviated clothing met me at the door and proceeded to show me round.
    The flat was ‘decorated’ in rich colours, purple, blue and brown with long pile carpets (shag?) and white leather sofas. It had two bathrooms, both of which were walled in mirrors and the bedrooms both had ‘antique’ glass mirrors on the ceiling. It not being quite to my taste, I made my excuses to Miss J Jones and left!!

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