And here\’s a very nice fascist for you

What does this have to do with climate change? Everything.

We need to discard the ideological trappings of an increasingly discredited neo-liberalism – such as the fetish of consumer choice, or the notion of the small state.

You proles shouldn\’t get what you want or even have the ability to choose. You\’ll get what you\’re given and like it.

• Andrew Dobson is a professor of politics at Keele University

12 thoughts on “And here\’s a very nice fascist for you”

  1. “increasingly discredited”.

    To my personal knowledge, lefty bores from academia have been preaching that neo-liberalism, free markets, consumer choice and so on are “increasingly discredited” since the 80’s at least.

    At what point can we expect them to be fully discredited so we can forget all this liberty nonsense and get back to the collective farm?

  2. …..control of the state must be wrested from those whose interest lies in diminishing its democratic potential for reining in the market and acting in the common interest…..

    Control must be taken from people who don’t think like me.

  3. Glad my daughter is at Exeter.

    I know it is disgustingly white (at least according to Emma Thompson, the luvvie) but hey, they seem to have some balance as she tries to make some sense out of the way the world works.

    (My daughter claims you don’t see the overseas students ‘cos they are all to busy working and rarely hit the pubs and clubs, but hell she is just white and middle-class)

  4. @bilbaoboy:

    “…but hell she is just white and middle-class”

    How awful for you, perhaps you should adopt a child from Malawi to bring up you Social Equity and Multitucultural quota up to par.

  5. John [email protected]

    I don’t mind the multicultural bit, but couldn’t it be the orphaned son/daughter of billionaires? There must be some in Malawi.

    I’m white & middle class and just so grasping.

  6. [email protected]

    I know there is more serious stuff in there, but

    “You do not have to like someone but if you know them, you will not fear them. One’s imagination is far more potent than the reality.

    The bullies I knew put the sh*ts up me. The one’s I didn’t, didn’t bother me.

  7. “We asked 50 Guardian readers and public figures how they would lead the world out of the climate predicament. Collective action and an active eco-state is the answer.”

    Stunned. This is completely unlike what I was expecting a Guardian survey to produce.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    As a member of IIORT’s Fascist tendency, can I just object to this Stalinist being described as a Fascist? It is a little known fact but Mussolini not only made the trains run on time, he also actually increased the number of cheeses available in Italy to the average consumer.

    Now that Eric Hobsbawm has buggered off to see Marx, no doubt this little toad wants to slime his way into Hobsbawm’s shoes. Well he will have to do better than this.

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