And Ivan Lewis can fuck off n\’all

Shadow culture secretary Ivan Lewis argues that journalism should be a licensed profession, with bad practitioners \”struck off\”

Hang the bastard.

17 thoughts on “And Ivan Lewis can fuck off n\’all”

  1. C’mon Tim, wouldn’t you be able to increase your fees were journalism being a licensed profession? Or would you worry about being struck off?

  2. Seems like a classic example of a politician realising that if you want a good press, you should put forward ideas journalists will like. He’s got it a bit wrong because he hasn’t realised that thanks to the NUJ journalism is already pretty much a closed-shop.

  3. Would that mean all those posting on “Comment is free” would be struck off? So that you would be deprived of your daily diet of moans? Is that why you object?

  4. Owing to he modern tendency to demand a sacking when offended by anyone it is necessary that they are registered to begin with.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    BenSix – “No, no, hang on, I think there’s an argument to be had here. Let’s say, for example, that a journalist backed off an important story due to corporate lobbying…”

    Let’s say they took money from the KGB like Richard Gott. Or free holidays from the East Germans like Bea Campbell. And Mandelson. And Peter Tatchell. After all, fair is fair and the Left complains about the guy behind Guido Faulks accepting a holiday from the South Africans – a vastly better regime in every way. Or they sucked up to the Sandanistas. Or they have been deliberately lying about Obama’s politics and views.

    There would be no one left. At least at the Guardian.

  6. ‘How about licensed politicians instead?’

    This is what we should be calling for.

    Anybody wanting to stand for any office has to pass an exam on statistics, logic and have training in setting and carrying out evidence-based policy.

    The more powerful the position, the tougher the exam – but we should make them relatively easy too – say between GCSE and A level standard?

  7. “There would be no one left. At least at the Guardian.”

    Kip’s Law – It would be Ivan Lewis doing the licensing, so the Guardian would be fine.

    And he said ‘bad pratitioners’, not ‘liars’. I suspect that challenging certain sacred cows will be onsidered bad practice.

  8. When you analyse it, it’s verging on the crypto-communist; “Before you are allowed to have a voice on the nation’s media, you must first satisfy the party, sorry, a committee, that you are ideologically soun…I mean that you are a *good* practitioner.”

    What a ****.

  9. This is obvious evil and it should also make people aware of the rotten practice of “licensing” in general.

    Licensing is not just an attempt to boost the earnings of the incumbents of any particular occupation, it is a direct attempt by the state to control what is possible for ordinary people. More and more opportunities are being put outside the reach of ordinary people by licenses (and regulations). Child minding ios no longer possible for most. Taxi-driving which once meant having a clean driving license and hiring a radio is now controlled by council parasites and a taxi license in a provincial city can sell for £60000. (Thanks to Sean Gabb for this info).
    The main spark of the “Arab Spring” was the man who set himself on fire. He did so because his last chance to earn a living for his family–a street vegetable cart-was destroyed by the local blubottles. He did not have the (roughly) 50 licenses and permissions required to operate such a business–not counting all the unofficial parasites(including the police themselves) with their hands out for pay off. This is the reason–rather than religion– that the entire arab world produces less goods and services than Finland.

    We are heading down the same road. It now requires 15 licenses to sell food from a street cart in Miami, USA.

  10. PaulB
    SMFS lives in a revisionist universe somewhere.

    I’m assuming it’s the same person who has sputed this type of nonsense for years across various boards. It never tires of them. I can’t imagine who wrote the one book it’s read.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    PaulB – “Peter Tatchell took a free holiday in East Germany? Only in the sense that he was arrested by the Stasi.”

    I am confused. If a British yob goes on holiday to the Costa del Sol and is arrested for getting drunk and vomiting all over the pavement, does that mean he is not on holiday? The holiday never happened?

    Yes, Peter Tatchell was arrested by the East German police for holding a Gay Rights protest. But to get there, he first had to accept a free holiday from the Communists to attend their Communist Youth League shindig – giving them free publicity and all.

    If I dimly remember right, he also took money to go to Cuba.

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