And the Telegraph does so love Hugh Bonneville

Lord Fellowes admits that the hostility to Catholics he has experienced informs some of the Earl of Grantham’s prejudices in Downton Abbey.

When I ask Fellowes what, if anything, lies behind the unease that the earl – who is played by Hugh Bonneville – also feels towards the housemaid Ethel (Amy Nuttall) on account of her previous calling as a prostitute, his lordship, oddly, declines to say a word.

In Sunday night’s episode, Bonneville scolds his wife (Elizabeth McGovern) for going to a house where Ethel is employed. He warns her that “scandals” always have a habit of coming out. “I can’t tell you how people find out about these things – your gardener, your kitchen maid,” the old reactionary booms.

4 thoughts on “And the Telegraph does so love Hugh Bonneville”

  1. As shown by Saville, scandals get out eventually, it depends on whether you are fortunate enough to be dead by the time it does.

  2. I didn’t know Fellowes was a Papist until he had one character claim that Papists got burned at the stake in the Reformation. It’s called “projection” I believe.

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