Blimey. Mr. Bootle\’s doing well

Capital Economics, founded in 1999 by former HSBC chief economist Roger Bootle – the Daily Telegraph columnist who this year won the Wolfson Economics Prize – was arguably the most successful, with sales soaring 27.8pc to £11.1m for the year to April 2011. Staff numbers rose from 55 to 64.

Turnover has since risen to £13bn and the company now employs 90, he said.

£13 billion off 90 employees. Perhaps we could feed the entire country off nothing but economics consultancies.

5 thoughts on “Blimey. Mr. Bootle\’s doing well”

  1. That doesn’t make sense. Must be an error?

    Sales £11.1m in 2011, turnover (not quite the same but similar) £13bn in 2012? I think there is a factor of 1000 wrong somewhere – I suspect they are on £13m turnover currently.

  2. Dunno about economics consultants but I get the feeling we will soon be feeding the whole world to management consultants.

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