Dear God: We\’ve known this for decades

Women are key decision-makers in the home, DWP says

Just look at the ads on TV.

The people making those ads know very well that women dispose of 80% of the household disposable income.

4 thoughts on “Dear God: We\’ve known this for decades”

  1. And/or that women are much more likely to be watching said advert, and so TV advertising is particularly good for things that women buy.

    Internet advertising, I note, seems much less gender-specific. I appreciate that clever things target lots of ads to whomever it believes the user to be.. so I’m more likely to see an ad for a radio than an ad for cosmetics.. but I clear tracking cookies frequently, and never suddenly notice that everyone is trying to sell me ladythings. They try to sell me things that ‘typical’ internet-users-with-cash buy (u40’s, middle class… so consumer electronics, clothes, foreign hols, insurance etc).

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    Surreptitious Evil – “The internet seems mostly to be selling me dating services. Usually for old people.”

    I get Filippinas. And overseas tax shelters. I thank TimW for one of those.

    It is an interesting contrast to the claim women only make 77% of what men do. Which is rubbish of course but there you go.

    Which is more important, the person who makes it or the person who spends it? For all the complaints of Western women, Western men, especially Western husbands, are exceptionally generous. Which may explain half the ads I get.

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