Doin\’ the numbers

So Michelle, the science really \’proves\’ that a child in North London in a non-smoking house is exposed to over 8x the particulates level of a child in Aberdeen who spends an hour a day in a car with a chain-smoker.

7 thoughts on “Doin\’ the numbers”

  1. First they came for the smokers in pubs…

    I guessed cars would be next (think of the children)

    This will be followed by council housing (think of the children, we can impose our will on them)

    After that? Probably outdoor areas in pubs (non-smokers are outside and getting smoke)

    Then all outdoor spaces (too much litter created)

    Then you’ll probably have to go into somewhere that looks like a 1970s bookie or adult shop to buy cigarettes (very dangerous, needs to be properly controlled)

    Then it will be so socially unacceptable that they’ll ban it in homes

    Then these people will find something else to go after

  2. @Tim Almond: They’ve already found something else to go after: booze, “junk food”, salt, etc. After the smoking battle was won they opened a new war on multiple fronts.

  3. “This will be followed by council housing (think of the children, we can impose our will on them)”
    Have you ever lived in a council flat?
    The level of smoke entering from the neigbours can be quite high.
    (Mine was ex – I unfortunately had to pay the market price to buy it).

  4. “This will be followed by council housing”
    Some councils & housing associations are requiring tenants to sign a undertaking that occupants will refrain from smoking whilst representatives of the organisation (ie builders etc) are on the premises. My info’s several years old so this may be universal, have spread, by now.
    Thin end of the wedge has been inserted. Only requires the heavy hammer.

    Incidentally, last time this came around ( couple years ago? ) whoever was responsible for the ‘research’ published the figures including levels of confidence, sample sizes etc. But, of course their graphs only graphed on the” smoking causes harm ” side of the argument. Using their own figures you could show a significant “smoking enhances health” result.

  5. Having survived several years of Aberdeen’s smoke congested bars, only to move to within five minutes of the Blackwall Tunnel, I can confirm said bars were the healthier option.

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