Foreign aid is very important, oh yes!

Some 12 million euros (£10 million) was given by Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden but the Irish government has since been told by Ugandan auditors that the sum has gone “missing.”

The money had been intended for a “peace recovery and development programme” in the north of the country, which has seen decades of conflict and destruction.

No British money was included in the missing fund, but Whitehall officials said that as a precaution they had suspended British aid payments of £4 million-a-year to prime minister Patrick Amama Mbabazi’s office.

A Department for International Development spokesman said: “We take these allegations extremely seriously and have already suspended UK aid to the Office of the Ugandan Prime Minister.

“We have set up an independent audit to investigate alleged fraud.”

Apparently the chief accountant is one of those under investigation.

But of course it\’s the evil multinationals who are really the villain of this piece. If only they paid more in taxes to satisfy the WaBenzi\’s desire for the good life then this just wouldn\’t happen, would it?

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