Fun rumour

OK Daily Record, out with it: shouldn\’t you actually publish a story about the gathering rumours about Alex Salmond\’s drinking instead of merely leaving sly hints?

I have no love for the portly first Minister, but if he is an alcoholic then he needs help and not a conspiracy of silence.

Scotland\’s about the same number of people as London isn\’t it? So boozing while running the place should be no problem, eh?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Churchill’s alcohol consumption was prodigious. I would question any diagnonsis of alcoholism unless the person concerned can’t cope. Salmond, for what little I think of him, seems to be doing alright. Thus he is someone who likes a drink, not an alcoholic.

    Not that I think Britain’s government has ever suffered by anyone consuming too much alcohol. Too little? Certainly. Some of the worst politicians in British history didn’t drink much if at all. Done them no end of good I reckon.

  2. Isn’t this the bastard who was trying to enforce a minimum price for alcohol in Scotland. If so he is at the very least guilty of huge hypocrisy.

  3. Richard:

    I have a bit o’ whiskey every day for bronchitis and it’s worked quite well–never had even the slightest hint of it. A bit more for salmonella, some for thrichinosis, but ever so little for elephantiasis, toxoplasmosis, or syringomyelia.

    No help at all for diptheria, though, nor for
    hiatal hernia, either. Beer’s the ticket for them!

  4. Remember reading a snippet a little while ago about Maggie Thatcher turning up, straight off a flight to Australia, for an interview with an Oz journalist while sipping a liquid lunch from a little whisky flask.

    Who would have thought a man called Salmond would drink like a fish?

  5. So Much for Subtlety

    TimT – “In Scotland, I hear, it’s a wee dram in the morning, and damn wee in the evening. /spoonerismsthatdidntquitemakethecut”

    Especially once the prostate starts to act up.

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