Fun to see this in The Mail

There can’t be many one-bedroom terrace houses in Britain with a price tag of nearly £400,000. But then again, there can’t be many with a view as spectacular as the one from 1 The Turnpike in Strete, Devon. The house overlooks Start Bay, one of the most magnificent stretches of coastline in the West Country.

The parentals used to own Seaview Cottage in the same village. I\’m too young to remember it although I was born while they were living there. Brother was born in the house.

It had its own stairway down to a private-ish (ie, only reachable from other beaches at low tide) beach so I\’m told.

In one of those weird coincidences my bird spent a holiday (long before we met of course) in the area, some of which was spent on that private-ish beach.

Yes, just another \”small world\” story.

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  1. My small world is that I lived next to the park where my wife played as a kid, even though we were born in countries separated by thousands of miles.

    Another is that my neighbours across the road who haved lived there for a couple of years and though they come from London are friends with my parents though I didn’t know that till recently

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