Has my sister been writing to The Telegraph?

The only person I know who lives there is my sister so obviously this must be her:

I hope you enjoy spending time with them as much as I do every year, following the conversation as it echoes, sometimes answered, sometimes ignored, from Piddletrenthide in Dorset

That\’s re the new book of unpublished letters to the Telegraph.

It\’s just that I can\’t see the Torygraph as being quite her paper. And it most certainly won\’t be for the other half of the family there.

Hmm. Maybe Piddletrenthide is actually large enough to have more than one house in it?

3 thoughts on “Has my sister been writing to The Telegraph?”

  1. Piddletrenthide is a metropolis by Dorset standards. My hamlet has two houses.

    Couple of decent pubs in Piddletrenthide last time I was up that way.

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