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Timmy on 12 Sept 2012.

John Naughton in The Observer on 7 Oct 2012.

How am I supposed to find things to write about in the newspapers if the newspapers are covering things I wrote about a month ago?

1 thought on “Hmmmm”

  1. The funny thing about the calendar styling is that Apple didn’t even use that styling for iCal until recently. My Mac has 10.6 on it, because I don’t use any iDevices and therefore don’t want my Mac to be iFied. The calendar looks like a perfectly normal application.

    On the other hand, the planner application I used and loved until it became too obsolete was Lotus Organiser, which was firmly skeuomorphic from day one. Frankly that was the selling point, but then it first came out in 1992 when people needed that kind of transitional interface.

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