HuffPo Scumbag Slavers Shocker!

As a result of a post or two today about the EU being awarded the Peace Prize I was asked if I would like to be on HuffPo. Something called \”HuffPost Live\” which would require me to be both sober and awake at 2.20 AM in the time zone I am in.

Could be done, even the sobriety on a Friday night. The question of course is whether the fee would be greater than the opportunity cost.

A note to your question on payment — sure that your contribution to the discussion would be worth more than its weight in gold, and alas I fear we can\’t match that! We\’d pay you handsomely with air-time and hopefully a promise that you\’ll enjoy the appearance!

Bugger off honey, there\’s a pub I\’m going to visit before I go to bed.

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