I know I\’ve posted this before.

But just something for a Tuesday arvo.

Note at around 3.20 that great shit eating grin that comes from knowing you\’re absolutely, no doubt about it, nailing it.

7 thoughts on “I know I\’ve posted this before.”

  1. Anyone who plays in front of the Funk Brothers is a performer. However, the Jimmy Ruffin original has too many memories, not least England winning the World Cup.

  2. The answer is: festering, sentimentalist old git.

    For posting this performance you are hereby forgiven the occasional total leftie bollocks* you are occasionally prone to write.

    *accusations of total leftie bollocks may occasionally be exaggerated.

  3. Sure. Great music. Mozart is envious. Practically spinning. No doubt in 300 years they’ll be playing this incessantly. Perhaps in their elevators.

  4. I can’t hear this song without thinking of hulking Maori men beating the living shit out of their wives.

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