In which Ms. Coren is clearly and obviously right

As someone who remembers from childhood the timid, furtive voices of east European cousins on the phone – those few who had survived the concentration camps – who dared not speak freely from behind the Iron Curtain because they feared being tapped and followed, I am extremely offended by the suggestion that my own beautiful British society should become a police state, in which rudeness to these authority figures is punished by incarceration.

Quite. Freedom does indeed mean that we get to tell the cunts who rule us to fuck off.

1 thought on “In which Ms. Coren is clearly and obviously right”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    But she is not defending the right to tell our rulers to f**k off. It has not yet come to that. She is defending the right of ar$eholes to be ar$eholes in public. I am a little conflicted by that, but the idea that some twat should go to jail because of some moronic comments about a near-dead footballer, or some poncy high diver – or even about the rather attractive Ms Liu – is absurd. She needs to defend that case more strongly.

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