Independence for Venice!

Of course it depends on whether people actually want to become independent. But until 200 years ago the place was independent and Italy has only existed for just over 150 years.

Why should it remain together as a nation state?

2 thoughts on “Independence for Venice!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    If the European Union wasn’t such a monumental clusterf**k of a disaster (or as the Irish would say, I wouldn’t start from here), one thing that might work would be the idea of an independent Venice inside the European Union.

    There is clearly one layer of government too many, at least, and one of them should go. The National level seems the obvious choice to me in many many cases.

    Now if the EU had stuck to being a free trade zone, or even if it wasn’t run by such morons, the idea of an independent Venice, or Bavaria, or Anjou or Catalonia, or even Scotland would look good. A Union of Pays, not Patrie. Why would you want to be run by Paris when you could be run by Auch? In fact life could not be much better than living in Gascony in a European-wide free trade zone without rule from Paris.

    It ain’t going to happen though. As it is such a monumental clusterf**k.

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