Interesting about these Chinese business, sorry, political leaders

Authorities blocked the Bloomberg website earlier this year after it exposed the multi-million dollar assets held by the extended family of Xi Jinping, heir-apparent to the presidency.

Such assets including a near controlling stake in one of the largest rare earths companies. Which puts an interesting gloss on the whole export limitations and so on, doesn\’t it?

And the blocking of the Bloomberg site. Amusingly, after I\’d written about this elsewhere, I was contacted by a journalist inside China trying to find out more about what had been said.

2 thoughts on “Interesting about these Chinese business, sorry, political leaders”

  1. Suppose this would be the place to ask! wrote an article a few years back saying that essentially the “rare” metals that China apparently have a monopoly on, aren’t that rare its just the labour is cheaper. Basically if China disappeared we just start mining them elsewhere. Any truth in that?

    Tim adds: Absolutely true. Add in a bit of lax environmental legislation and you’ve got the whole story.

  2. Tim has said that numerous times – there are essentially two issues. One was that the Chinese produced them at a price which made it uneconomic to produce them elsewhere. The other (and I’m more dubious on this) is that the refining / separation processes aren’t currently bolted on to non-Chinese plants and may be dubious to introduce under EU / US environmental rules.

    See here.

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