It\’s a decision made by politicians: thus it is politics

Diane Abbott MP, Labour\’s shadow public health minister, said: \”I think women and families across the country will find it staggering that the priority for this government is playing politics with people\’s lives, like this.

Whatever your view on where the abortion time limit should be it is a decision made by politicians. It is thus, inevitably, politics.

16 thoughts on “It\’s a decision made by politicians: thus it is politics”

  1. Seeing as there is no proposal whatsoever to reduce the abortion limit to 12 weeks it seems odd to claim that this is the government’s “priority”.

  2. And there was me thinking the government’s priority was to reduce taxes for millionaires. Or was it sell off the NHS. Or to only allow rich kids to go to university.

    Perhaps Ms Abbott is a bit confused at the definition of priority.

  3. If the Health Secretary stands up and says “We should do X”, and doesn’t say anything about whether we should do Y, it’s hardly unreasonable for the opposition health spokesman to say “The Health Secretary’s priority is to do X instead of Y”. Because that’s what he’s said.

    (in practice, there is absolutely no chance of this happening in this parliament and very little chance of a vote being tabled, since it would be divisive and fail – this is much more about Hunt getting PR within the Tory party as a socially right-wing candidate to replace Cameron if/when they lose the next election)

  4. If the Health Secretary stands up and says “I think there is a moral case for X should happen but the government has no intention of changing the current rules”, it is completely insane for the shadow health secretary to say “it is the Government’s priority too do X”.

    Because, whatever the personal preferences of the Health Secretary (or the Business Secretary, for an obvious example), the government has no intention of attempting it, never mind making it “the priority for this government.”

    But, then, as it is Diane Abbot (no private schools, except for my kids), we shouldn’t really be either surprised or concerned.

  5. If the lady believes what she says then she will, as a politician herself, express no opinion on the matter. Likewise on any other matter that affects peoples lives.

  6. Isn’t this bloke supposed to be settling in the Health Secretary? Or is it such an easy gig, he has time for this nonsense?

  7. The Telegraph website is leading with a headline that “Theresa May calls for lower abortion limit.”

    She did no such thing. She was interviewed by Radio 4 this morning on Abu Hazma and then was asked at the end what her view on today’s abortion fuss was.

    “We have no intention of reducing current limit but in my personal capacity I have voted for 20 weeks in the past.”

    Yet, this gets spun as “calling for” something.

    24 hour news, twitter and the mischievousness of the media is basically making government impossible.

  8. SE: the “But obviously we have no intention of changing the rules” point was raised subsequently by Hunt’s staffers (presumably acting in “oh fuck what has he said now?” mode), according to the Telegraph piece. It isn’t what he said in the interview.

  9. It’s true that Hunt is playing politics, false that politicians are unable to swerve interview questions when they want to, false that this is a government priority, and false that the government itself is playing politics with the issue.

    So I score 1/3 for Abbott, 1/1 for john b, 1/2 for SE, and 0/1 for Tim, who surely does know the meaning of “playing politics”.

  10. The sad thing is that such a vicious, hypocritical racist can be in the Shadow Cabinet and yet Labour still has a double digit poll lead!

  11. Could it be that the respondents to the poll have witnessed hypocrisy from government ministers also?

    I don’t know why you’d describe Abbott as vicious. Feel free not to tell me.

  12. Playing politics with people’s lives.
    Oh give me break from this deadbeat cliché.

    Politicians are playing doctors and nurses with people’s lives wouldn’t be much better thought out but at least it would be a bit fresher.

  13. So Much For Subtlety

    Playing politics just means offering the voters a say. What she wants is for the three Lib-Dem parties to stick to their common position so that the voters are not offered a choice. As with the death penalty and immigration.

    Diane Abbott probably contributes the least to British political life of all the buffoons we have ruling us, and I look forward to the day she no longer does so at all.

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